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Gaius Tiberius Gracchus

' 'Gracchus was a Roman Senator who lived in the times of Marcus Aurelius and his son, Commodus

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Gracchus was a senator of the Roman Empire around 180 AD. He first was a senator under Marcus Aurelius. When Marcus was assassinated by his son, Commodus, Gracchus distrusted Commodus. He told Commodus of the problems Rome faced, including the plague's outburst in Greece. Commodus seemed not to care much. His distrust of Commodus led him to defect to the side of Maximus Decimus Meridius, an opponent of the evil Commodus who massacred his family.....

Defection and CaptureEdit

Lucilla told Maximus of Gracchus' defection, and the two paired up. However, Gracchus thought of Maximus' plans as crazy. Still, he let it go. While he was at his estate, he was arrested by the Praetorian Guard. However, when Maximus was dying of wounds given to him before his final battle with Commodus in the arena, he ordered that prisoner Gladiators would be freed and Gracchus reinstated as senator. Gracchus helped carry Maximus' body away along with several other people.

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